My Bedroom is My Sanctuary

I love my flat which I bought thanks to working hard at London escorts. It is great and I have been able to fit in all of my stuff. However, there is one part of my flat that I really like and that is the bedroom. If you like, my bedroom has become my sanctuary, and when I come home from London escorts, I simply can’t wait to get in there and start to chill out.

All of the things that I need the most can be found in my bedroom. For instance, all of my sex toys are conveniently located in my sex toy drawer next to my bed. When I feel in the mood, which I normally do when I come off my London escorts shift, I just get a sex toy out and play with it. I keep a separate sex toys collection for London escorts so that I don’t have to worry about being without the right kind of sex toy. I simply love my bedroom.

Yes, I will admit to having spent a small fortune on bedding. Most of the other girls at London escorts swear by regular duvets but I can’t really say that I am into them at all. Instead, I have invested in some Japanese silk cover which does not only look amazing, but they feel good as well. I guess in a way my bedroom does not look so different from my London escorts boudoir but I kind of like that look.

What about the lighting? I don’t only like to have fun when I am on duty with London escorts, I like to have fun at home as well. Mood lighting plays a huge role when it comes to creating the right atmosphere in the bedroom, and I have gone for the best mood lighting that I could find. It gives the bedroom a really soft glow and I love that. You can turn soft light into what you want it to be. So, if you fancy a romantic night, you can enjoy as well as a kinky London escorts style night.

Did my bedroom cost me a lot of money to decorate? I have to admit that it did not come cheap. I spent rather a lot of money on achieving the right kind of look that I wanted for my own purposes. Anyway, since I decorated my bedroom, a couple of the other of the girls at cheap outcall escorts have been around to take a look at it. They love it, and I think that at least a couple of them have found some inspiration in my bedroom. You can easily create your won sexy sanctuary if you like. It takes a little bit of time and patience, but it will look great when you get it right. And no, it does not have to cost a fortune if you don’t have a lot of money available.