Older And Quite Lonely

Are you in your 30s and partnerless? Many girls my own age, I am 32 years old, find themselves single. Sure, I have got a great job with an elite charlotte London escorts agency, but despite of that, I feel that there should be something more to life. When I finish my London escorts shift, come and close the door, I really do feel that I missing something. I am having a hard time putting my finger on it, but I really do think that I miss not having a permanent partner.

Am I the only girl at our London escorts agency to find myself in this situation? No, I am fully aware that I am not the only girl to be what I like to call an unhappy singleton. Let’s face it, some of us are happy as singletons, others are not. I have never really been that sort of girl who has been happy and content in my own company. I thrive on human contact. It is, perhaps, one of the main reasons I work for a London escorts agency.

Recently, I have learned to live with my situation. It is asking a lot out of life to have a great career with London escorts and an amazing personal life. One day, I am sure that my white knight is going to come along. Just like many other London escorts, I am still holding out for a hero. Until he comes along, I am making the most of it. It is a matter of counting your blessings. If it was not for London escorts, I would not have many of the things I have in my life today and that includes my lifestyle.

Thanks to London escorts, I don’t have to scrimp and scrap like other girls in London. If I wanted to, I could more or less afford to buy everything I want to buy. But, I am not sure that shopping is what life is all about when it comes down to it. Instead I like to spend my time doing things that I love and having fun. Beauty treatments have become a kind of an addiction, I always go on my day off. If you like, my beauty treatments are my own personal treats and I love them.

I have also got hobbies to keep me going. To many it may seem hard to believe, but I really do like to collect plants. My apartment is packed with gorgeous plants that I have bought with my London escorts tips. Sure, I could spend the money better, but as I don’t have a mortgage, I can’t see why I should not indulge my hobbies. As a matter of fact, I think that is it. If you find yourself single in your 30s, I really do think that you should do your best to indulge yourself and your interests whatever they may be.

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