The Dangers of Drug Use in London

A couple of the girls that I know well at London escorts recently told me that working for London escorts have been a bit of a life saver for them. Before they started to escort, they had all sorts of problems. One of the girls were even into drugs but managed to get herself clean. The only problem was that she could not find a job in London so she ended up working in a strip club. It was not for her and after she had been there for a while, she managed to get a job with our London escorts service from


Drug abuse in London is a huge great big problem and can lead to a lifestyle which is not exactly the kind of lifestyle you would like to have. My newfound friend at London escorts ended up homeless when her landlord found out that she was using drugs. He simply kicked her out one day. That made life even more difficult for her, and she lived on the streets for two years before she started she got some help. I have heard the story of homelessness from other girls at London escorts as well.


After she lost her home, things really went downhill. She got involved with petty crime to sustain her drug habit, and before she knew it, she ended up having a police record. This is one of the reasons she joined London escorts. When she told other potential employers that she had a police record, they did not really want to know. But the guy who owns are London escorts service is okay about most things and was willing to take a chance. So far she seems to be doing great.


She got back on her feet after getting some help from a charity in London. They managed to find her a place in a hostel in a hostel for your women. However, finding a job was difficult until she found herself a job working as a waitress in a strip club in London. It did not pay very well but she did manage to find a small studio flat to live in and said that she loved every minute of her new sense of independence. After she had moved out of the shelter, she set about looking for another job, and that is how she ended up working for London escorts.


These days, she looks after herself and at the same time she likes to help others. She knows that drug use can affect your life in many different ways, and I guess that this is why she likes to help people who find themselves in that kind of situation. Her career with London escorts is going great and she has become a very popular girl at our London Escort agency. She has this kind of caring attitude towards dating, and I think that many of the gents who date her, appreciate that about her. It is almost like she recognises a person with a problem and likes to help without making too much of a fuss.

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