Should I go through with a divorce from him?

In my humble opinion, I’ve just made a giant fool of myself. I made a secret bargain with myself when I worked as a Pimlico escort from that I would never marry a man who dated Pimlico escorts. To answer your question, I did what I had originally planned on doing. I got married to a man I had met while working as an escort service agent in Pimlico. He promised me on his word that he would not engage in Pimlico escort dating again. It didn’t take long for the honeymoon to end, and soon he was back with another escort agency’s call girls. He assumed that I could not locate him via a different Pimlico escort service. I knew a colleague of mine who worked for the service, and that’s how I found out about it. To my surprise, my husband hesitated to disclose to the fact that he was dating Pimlico escorts. It didn’t take me long to find what I was looking for. I can no longer trust him. I had full trust in him when we initially started dating, and I never would have imagined that he would end up with other Pimlico escorts. In the end, I was the one who was duped, and he was the one who had me at home. Also, he did say that I was his ideal little sex kitten. It appears as though my company is not the only one that he has employed as an escort in Pimlico. As far as I know, he is dating at least three other girls at this other elite Pimlico escorts service. I’ve no idea how much money I lost for this foolish decision to give up my Pimlico escort job for him. When I was still working in the escort industry, I heard so many rumours about Pimlico escorts who had left the service to get married to one of their dates. Some relationships seem to have worked out, but the majority of them have gone pearshaped like mine. I know that I can go back and work for another Pimlico escorts service, but it does feel like I have lost my momentum a little bit. It would be much more difficult to launch another escort agency from scratch. That is not the only reason. I’ve lost confidence in myself. Tomorrow I am going to see a lawyer and explain what has happened. My goal in this situation was to lay the groundwork for a divorce. My girlfriend who still works for the same Pimlico escorts I used to work for, helped to get a private detective. He followed my husband and snapped photos of him together a couple of the girls from Pimlico escorts. At the time, he was hanging out with a couple of the girls in a private club, and it was all too clear what was going. Well, I guess I have to get on with it and see if I can find myself a job which does not involve escorting.

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