Dating in London can be a real minefield.

There are so many different agencies, and you can pay as much as £700 per hour at an elite London agency. That is an incredible amount of money. I often have a lot of business colleagues come and visit me from places like Japan. Japanese gents have a real passion for London escorts and really seem to enjoy dating them. A couple of months ago, I moved both my home and business to the Isle of Dogs in London. That meant that a lot of things changed, and I am now using Isle of Dogs escorts instead.



All of the gents who visit me from Japan on a regular basis seem to be delighted with the services of Isle of Dogs escorts. As a matter of fact, I haven’t told all of them that I have swapped agencies. The interesting thing is that most of them do not appear to have noticed. That certainly says a lot for the local escorts services. They must be every bit as good as the elite services that I used to use in central London.


As the gents have not noticed I will carry on using the current agency.



I don’t know why Japanese gents are so fascinated by escorts, but ti might have something to do with all of the hostess bars. Whenever I have visited Japan, I have always been dragged around the hostess bars. You can even meet Geishas in these bars if you have made an appointment. The hostesses are not like escorts. They do look after you, but not in the same sort of way as Isle of Dogs escorts for instance. The main difference seems to be that they sit and get very drunk with you. Escorts in London like would never do that.



So, who do I prefer? I did have a really great time dating elite escorts in central London, but I have to say that I prefer the girls that I have met at Isle of Dogs escort services. They are a little bit different. I have to say that the girls are not so business like in their approach. Many of the girls that I dated in central London where a bit business like, and that did not make for the best of dates. I much prefer meeting some girls who have less experience, but are just as stunning and sex as the girls I dated in central London.



So, what about Japanese hostesses? Compared to Isle of Dog escorts, they make very poor companions. If you are looking for sexy girls in a place like Tokyo, it is better to find yourself some foreign hostesses. Quite a few British and Australian girls work in Japan. Japanese men are very fond of them, and they can earn a lot of money in Tokyo. The truth is that I seldom date when I am in Tokyo, I prefer to meet Girls when I am back home. After all, I have my favorite girls here in the Isle of Dogs.

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